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Tales, Myths and Legends is a company dedicated to producing Educational titles, Comics and reconstructions of historical events and places in an interactive environment. We specialise in reproducing both factual historical topics as well as tales that have been passed down from generation-to-generation, hence the name Tales, Myths and Legends!

One of our main areas of interest is in legendary tales that have often been long-forgotten, and bringing these stories back to life in an interactive environment through 3D model and animations.

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To be Welsh it is not solely enough to hang out a flag, celebrate St. David's Day with sending Grandmother daffodils, and to have several recordings of choirs or folk tunes. To be Welsh means a pride in your heritage, it means knowing your language (at least a little of it), it means knowing your history with your own heroes, it means knowing your literature and your music, it means knowing your faith (and the importance it played in keeping the light of THE FAITH alive), it means embracing the very essence of what it is to be a child of CYMRU.

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Work has undergone in creating an interactive 3D reconstructing a long-forgotten Castle in Wales.


Everybody loves Marvel comics! Check out a sample of our latest project!

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